13 Things To Do Well

How Well are You Doing?

Drawing from my extensive background and research, I have found 13 things that successful people and effective leaders do well.

1. Honest Communication: Speak the Truth in Love

2. Walk My Talk: Carefully Walk a Reputable Path

3. Credible: Do the Right Thing

4. Trustworthy: Trusting and Trustworthy

5. Self-Accepting: Unique creation of God

6. Competent: Develop Viable knowledge and Skill

7. Intrepid: Take on Challenges with Confidence

8. Positive/Rational/Resilient: Can do Attitude

9. Results Oriented: Productive and Manage Well

10. Mission Focused: Keep Pursuing the Goal

11. Affirming: Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

12. Encouraging: Teach and Encourage Others

13. Esprit de Corps: Loving, Loyal and Trusting

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