Dr. Jack L. Oxenrider

Jack OxenriderOxenrider is an uncommon name: A Fourteenth Century trade designation. My ancestors were road builders, using teams of oxen to move trees, earth and rocks for road construction. Just as modern day highway contractors are often seen in their pickup trucks, my ancestors rode their teams of oxen to work, carrying the tools of their trade; thus, the surname and my affinity to the quaint icon.

Like the yoked oxen in my icon, the “peripateo” (trail left by my life’s journey) reveals the merging of two paths. I am a Theologian with undergrad, graduate and post-graduate degrees in New Testament Greek and Biblical Theology. I served the church for over 20 years in capacities of Retreat Director, Youth Pastor, Associate Pastor, and Sr. Pastor of a multi-staff suburban church.

My doctoral dissertation on a Biblical Model of Leadership opened the way for the next path of my life where, for 26 years, I served as a Vice President of Hillsdale College’s Dow Leadership Center, one of the nation’s top Executive Education Centers. There we set the pace in the application of positive psychology to leadership and teamwork in the modern business/organization.

I founded the Center for Creative Teamwork (CCT) and through this trademark company, I created and published two eBooks: Good Shepherd Great Leader and Problem Terminators, both available on Amazon. Additionally, I have self published team and leadership products that include: Creative Root Cause Analysis, Driving Team PerformanceUnifying Team PurposeDiscovering Team Operandi, Making Team Decisions, and Planning Team Strategy.



Center for Creative Teamwork

Center for Creative Teamwork (CCT) is the publishing arm of Dr. Jack L. Oxenrider and jackoxenrider.com. Established in 1987, CCT partnered with the Dow Leadership Center of Hillsdale College to pioneer rational-emotive applications for leadership development and executive education. This professional partnership worked with more than 10,000 leaders from over 1000 companies and organizations, nationally and internationally.

CCT has published eBooks and training materials available through jackoxenrider.com.