Balance Power & Humility

Find Balance

Effective  leaders and effective people  find balance between  powers boldness power  and services humility. That balance is found in the personal character of the shepherd. At his core the shepherd, as described in Psalm 23, is both tough and tender; possessing strength and prowess of body, mind and spirit to meet the physical demands of the work, reliable judgment and tenacity of spirit, with the compassion of service.

Work Exposes Goodness

The demand of work expose the inner person. If a person is good work  exposes a quality of goodness. It is that certain and reliable quality of the shepherd that the flock/team trusts and follows.

Use Your Inner Resources

A Good Shepherd has many inner resources. First and foremost are strength and ability. By definition, a shepherd is a leader required to go ahead, to set direction, to call the flock to follow. He dare not be timid in the face of fear-producing stimuli. He must be willing and able to take risks. At his core, a good shepherd must possess a sense of certainty and belief that he can manage any challenge, face any foe and prevail under any circumstance. A good shepherd is an intrepid leader; possessing a self-reliance and assuredness that makes him courageous and certain in his leading, caring for and managing his flock well.

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