Credibility is Earned

Be precise, reliable and believable. Speak what is right…true…and just. Proverbs 8:7-8

Integrity is based on accuracy

“It’s not the crime (error or mistake) it’s the cover-up” How often have we seen leaders fall, not because the made a mistake or made a poor choice, but lied to cover it up? There are many ways to lose credibility. Google: “50 Ways to Lose Credibility.” Loss of credibility is self-inflicted through self-defeating choices. Those poor choices are first exposed by the words spoken to cover-up or explain away the truth. Popular ways to loos credibility:Trying to sound like an expert when in reality one has fallen behind in their expertise, withholding information, lying, approval seeking, and not accepting responsibility.

Credibility is earned by saying what is right, true and just.

Be Precise

To be precise is to be careful with details, be careful with “the right”. Making decisions based on incomplete information, claiming to be an expert when you are not, making carless errors, overpromising, missing deadlines, talking in jargon, omitting information, offering boilerplate response all these are  behaviors that lack careful precision and lead to the loss of credibility.. Great Leaders are precise in their communication taking care to insure what they say is right.

Be Reliable

To be reliable is to make every effort to ensure that what I say is true. Failure to follow up, sloppiness, under-delivering, waffling, hiding problems, being inconsistent or unpredictable is tantamount to being unreliable. Such actions  undermines credibility. Speaking truth is a high and demanding standard. Eventually the truth comes out.  Therefore I must take care to validate my sources, double check my information, make certain what I say is in fact true and stakeholders can depend upon it and make viable decision based upon it.

Be Believable

To be believable is to be confident and knowledgeable in standing for the just. Spinning the truth, self-serving, showing lack of concern, playing politics destroy credibility. None of these action take care to do the just thing. To insure I am being just: Listen to my moral conscience, Know the root causes, Anticipate outcomes, Seek wise counsel, Take enough time to be certain.

Be Credible

To be judged as credible involves accuracy, lack of bias and constructive motivation. Always take care to be precise, reliable and believable. My talk, my communication needs to be accurate which means it must be precise, reliable and believable.Reputations are built or destroyed based on honesty of their communication. Make sure your communication is accurate.

Follow the STEPS of the Good Shepherd.

Scripture: Proverbs 8:7-8

Think Well: I am precise, reliable and believable.

Engage: Memorize Speak the truth Proverbs 8:7 Determine how you manage your words to always be just, right and upright.

Pray/meditate. Lord help me to be disciplined in my communication make sure my communication is honest and reliable to the people you bring into my life.

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