The Power of Questions


Asking Questions is Powerful

The asking and answering of probing questions is critical. This simple technique of asking open-ended questions is extremely powerful and enables a problem-solving team to glean the knowledge, understanding, ability, expertise, insight and intuition from any and all members of a team.

What is a Probing Question?

A probing question is one that cannot be answered with a simple “yes” or “no” but requires the individual to draw on his/her own knowledge, experience, insight, and intuition in order to formulate a response. The very nature of a probing question requires a search for an answer. When you ask probing questions, you engage the mind and genius of others.

The Creative Root Cause Analysis (CRCA) process is driven by inquiry and curiosity through.  The asking and answering of probing questions is key to discovering insight and information. Therefore, the probing question initiates both the communication process and the problem-solving process. Each of the  6 steps In the Creative Root Cause Analysis process starts with the asking of a probing question. Questions  harness the power to the two key resources in team problem-solving: The six-step problem solving process and The five-step communication cycle.

Asking a probing questions

1. Initiates the discussion process.

2. Launches the problem solving process

3. Motivates team participation in looking for answers.

4. Drives inquisition.

5. Facilitates synergy

What is a probing question?(

✦ Cannot be answered “yes” or “no.”

✦ Requires a thoughtful explanation.

✦Draws on the knowledge, experience, insight, expertise and intuition of the person answering the question.

✦ Requires a search for an answer.

✦ Has no bias or predetermined answer.

✦ Facilitates synergy through honest inquiry.

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