Root Cause Problem Solving: The Tactical Plan

A Problem is not Solved until the Tactical Plan is in Place

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A Tactical Plan details the implementation of solutions. To complete the problem-solving task, the team must develop and implement a Tactical Plan.

The Tactical Plan Step identifies the resources necessary to implement the solutions, organizes the resources, establishes a timetable and assigns responsibility and accountability.

What are the Elements of a Good Tactical Plan?

There are four areas of consideration in the tactical planning for implementing the solution:

1. What are the step-by-step details and actions of implementing the solutions?
Develop a project plan with the details and actions necessary to implement the solution.

2. What are the resources needed to implement the solutions?
Resources include time, people, material, equipment and finances. Include information such as job responsibilities, qualifications for people, working networks and a description of the necessary resources.

3. What are the target dates for implementing each step?
Sequence the details and actions on a time line.

4. Who is responsible and accountable to implement each step?
The team should choose the appropriate people to carry out the project details. Accountability, responsibility and authority should be assigned to enable people to accomplish their goals.

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For a more detailed and thorough planning process, it is recommended that the team use Planning Team Strategy, a team strategic planning process listed to the left of this post.

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