What is Creative Root Cause Analysis?

Root Cause Problem Solving

Creative Root Cause Analysis (CRCA) is based upon a paradigm different from traditional, problem-solving methods. When the CRCA process is viewed from a traditional, problem-solving mindset, the power and the genius of the process is overlooked. This process is designed expressly for team problem solving, involving both a specific method for problem solving and for team communication. The powerful potential of these two very separate and unique elements is harnessed to produce the powerful synergy of CRCA.

To be effective in team root cause problem solving, end users must understand the new problem-solving paradigm that is, in effect, a way of thinking and communicating about a problem.

Solve Complex Problems

Designed to facilitate team synergy and solve complex or multifaceted problems, this six-step process teaches team members to identify the source of a problem rather than attacking the symptoms; discover root causes and create innovative and viable solutions. The process is team user-friendly incorporating the intuitive/creative and analytical/rational into a complete team problem solving process that can be used on a daily basis to solve problems within organizations.

Creative Root Cause Analysis is a process designed to identify, analyze, and solve complex problems in a team setting. It is a logical, three-phase, sequenced process conducted in a series of six steps that guides a team from the initial recognition that something is wrong through the creation of a detailed, tactical implementation plan to correct the situation.

Problem Solving Mistakes

Too often, organizations persist in attacking symptoms rather than the problem sources. Unfortunately, existing problem solving rituals barely probe below the surface. Linear, single source cause-and-effect models are sufficient if one is working on a simple, single source issue, but a linear approach is self-limiting when it comes to dealing with complex, systematic problems. Thus, the root causes of problems persist, undisturbed, to feed symptoms and grow.

Uncover the Root Cause

CRCA reaches far below the surface to get at the roots of a problem, both primary and tributary. It provides a logical, orderly, and yet innovative and creative approach to problem analysis and resolution. CRCA can be accurately described as the next step in the task of putting synergy to work in real-life situations. This method provides a structure and process for teams to take problems and work them through to solutions. It provides a practical model to facilitate collaborative problem solving that has proven itself to be effective from the executive suite to the shop floor.

Companies, who are trained in and use Creative Root Cause Analysis, report that it has become the method of choice within their organizations producing dramatic results, i.e., improved quality, morale, productivity and profits. Teams are enthusiastic users of CRCA.

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