Leaders Facilitate

To Facilitate is to Make Things Happen

It is the role of the leader to facilitate, to enable and help things to happen, to serve as a resource for decision-making, and groom and develop other leaders within the team. A leader helps clarify goals, identify options, redefine requirements, evaluate strategy, empower and accept accountability.

To Facilitate is to Share Responsibility

A good shepherd was one and the same with his flock. There was a unity of trust and reliance between the shepherd and the flock that made them a single unit, abiding and moving in unison and harmony. The great leader leads with the passion of compassion.

To Facilitate is to be Responsible

A Good Shepherd leads well and stands on a base of integrity and, at the core of his being, leads with confidence, optimism and passion. There is an unbroken example for Great Leadership in the tradition of the Good Shepherd: from Joseph in Genesis, to King David of Israel in Psalms, to Jesus the Good Shepherd to Peter, and from Peter to us today.

How well do you facilitate?

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