Find the Best Answer: Discuss and Analyze


Good Questions Promote Good Answers

Probing Questions access the knowledge, experience, insight and intuition of the team, Effective Problem Solvers gather a large quantity of information. Often the discussion process of sharing thoughts and ideas will lead to new insights. Now that the information has been gathered, the next task is to narrow the information down to the best viable answer.

Engage in Logical, Issue-Focused Analysis

As a team, evaluate, modify, expand and clarify all potential answers through open, logical, rational, issue-focused discussion. Reasonable, issue-focused discussion is basic to CRCA. Intuition will guide the team to the potential answers. Rational discussion will lead the team; To a synergistic answer,  To t the viable solution to the problem.

Find the Gold Nuggets/The Best Solutions

Discussion is the “sifting” in the prospector’s metaphor. It is through rational discussion that the team identifies and discards the worthless “pebbles and sands” of partial understanding, blind spots, invalid assumptions, irrational responses, prejudice and bias. It is also through rational discussion that the team identifies and captures the “golden nuggets” of knowledge, understanding, ability, insight, intuition, and resources. It is through the “fire” of appropriate critical/analytical methods that the insights are refined and purified.

Note: There are many investigative tools that may be available and used based upon the experience of the team and the nature of the problem. In most situations, reasonable, issue-focused discussion will lead the team to verifiable answers.

The following tools have been used successfully by teams in analyzing and verifying potential answers: Comparison Process chart, Trend analysis, Change analysis, Event charting, SWOT chart, Flow chart, SPC chart, Pareto diagram, Barrier analysis, Cause-effect diagrams, Advantage-disadvantage.

These tools, while useful, have very limited scopes. Several need to be combined to problem solve effectively. Nearly every discipline and industry have specialized verification tools and procedures. It is at this point in the discussion process that such methods can be appropriately applied for analyzing and verifying root causes. The discussion process must continue until all answers have been validated or eliminated.

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