Leading is a Matter of the Heart

Leading Requires Heart

Good shepherding begins and ends with the “shepherd’s heart.” Care and companionship are rooted in his soul. The great leader has a heart for his team. He leads by investing himself, working to move the team toward its goal.

Leading Requires Respect

In the tradition of the shepherd, a leader earns the respect of the people and, as a result, is able to lead. A team knows when it is loved and will respond in kind with love. When a team knows the leader cares and is working for the best outcome, it will follow. Just as the sheep know the shepherd’s voice and will follow, the team knows the leader cares and will follow… (John 10:4-5)

Leading Requires Vulnerability

A leader must look beyond himself and be willing and able to move into a vulnerable position in order to help his team accomplish its goal and fulfill its mission.

Leading Requires Listening

He cannot forget to listen, identify needs, articulate options, and mobilize to action. To that end, Paul pointed to the example of Jesus for those who aspire to lead.

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