Nine Factors of “Pro-Active” Leadership

Our work and research have identified nine rational, emotive categories regarding the thinking of effective leaders. These categories represent 100 specific, uniquely powerful ideas that drive the thinking of effective people. We have summarized these into nine clusters/categories in the acrostic, PRO-ACTIVE

Pro Active Leaders are Passion:

Effective Leaders Lead With “Heart”
Management By Objectives (MBOs) is a critical key to effectiveness. Even so, there is a bottom-line difference between accomplishments by utility and accomplishment with “heart.” The most effective people are driven by a constructive passion for results. They have realistic goals and laser-sharp priorities, i.e., MBOs; but the best of the best have more. They are driven by a heartfelt, rational, emotive vision and understanding that energizes their thoughts and actions. They are passionate about all they do. #GoodShepherdGreatLeader #Encouraging

Pro Active Leaders are Relational:

Effective Leaders Value And Foster Positive Relationships
The leader’s work is leading people to produce results. Leaders cultivate and grow the networks of relationships among themselves, both intra and interpersonally. These positive relationships with people are essential for success. All organizations work in relational structures. At the lowest and least productive level of networks are the relationships of bureaucratic, autocratic and driver organizations. At the highest and most productive levels are the synergistic teams. Effectiveness at any level is built on “the power of positive relationships.” #GoodShepherdGreatLeader #EspritdeCorps

Pro Active Leaders are Optimistic:

Effective Leaders Embody Optimism
Contrary to popular myth, optimism is not “looking at the world through rose colored glasses.” Optimism is looking at the world with realistic hope. It is the opposite of pessimism, which sees and offers no hope: “It is useless. It will never work. It will never be….” Those who approach tasks and people with pessimism are seldom surprised. They get exactly what the limits of their expectations prescribe—NOTHING.

Likewise, leaders who approach tasks and people with optimism, expecting outstanding results, are seldom surprised. They get exactly what their positive expectations prescribe—POSITIVE RESULTS. The attitudes and expectations with which one approaches others are a self-fulfilling prophecy that limits or propels the outcome. Effective leaders have hope. #GoodShepherdGreatLeader #Optimism

Pro Active Leaders Affirm-Assert:

Effective Leaders Listen Carefully
Leaders must be eager to receive input. Maturity understands that the best decision is not a matter of “who owns the idea” but of “useful ideas.” People limited to selling their ideas are blocking “different ideas.” No one has the best insight or idea on everything. Effectiveness is about getting useful ideas on the table. Therefore, the best practice is to listen and learn from the input of others. At the same time, effective leaders clearly articulate their agenda without controlling or dominating. It is important for a leader to be assertive but the best take care to assert without stifling others. Therefore, “affirming” precedes “asserting.” The order is deliberate. Effective leaders encourage others’ opinions, thoughts and insights for the good of the whole while making their own contributions. #GoodShepherdGreatLeader #Affirming

Pro Active Leaders are Confident:

The Most Effective Leaders Are Confident And Not Egocentric
They have a certain faith and trust in themselves and others that projects a “can do” attitude in the face of the most difficult challenges. This confidence is a kind of intuitive insight that makes the vision and goals of the future appear objective and actualized long before they are reality. Such confidence inspires and motivates others to believe in and work to actualize the future. #GoodShepherdGreatLeader #Intrepid

Pro Active Leaders are Tactical:

Effective Leaders See Things From Both The 50 and 50,000 Foot Levels
Tactical thinking is the ability to zoom in from the big picture to the closer picture that reveals the detail of the manageable, component parts that make up the whole. People who lack tactical perspective are easily overwhelmed, frustrated and give up because things seem insurmountable. Tactical thinking enables leaders to identify individual components that make up the whole. It is the ability to “pan out and zoom in” on a problem, project or situation and provide the components of high achievement. #GoodShepherdGreatLeader #MissionFocused

Proactive Leaders are Innovative:

Effective Leaders Are Creative
Creativity is about innovation, new and different approaches through insight and intuition. Innovation is often a slight variation, a new combination or application of putting familiar components together in new ways. It is not so much about a total new idea as it is about a slight variation and subtle difference that impacts different results. Effective people are constantly looking for new combinations, variations and subtle differences that can have a significant impact. #GoodShepherdGreatLeader #Creative

Pro Active Leaders are Venturesome:

Effective Leaders Are Willing To Risk
Leadership, on a time line, is about moving from the present to the future. Whenever we project actions into the future, we are dealing with an element of the unknown/uncertainty, which is about risk. It is the leader’s job to lead people with confidence into uncharted waters of the future. Risk aversion is a roadblock. Effective leaders are willing to take reasonable risks and try a different approach. #GoodShepherdGreatLeader #RiskTaker

Pro Active Leaders are Enthusiastic:

Effective Leaders Show Excitement
“It’s hard to start a fire with a wet match.” It really is that simple. As the leader, if I am not enthused and motivated about what I am doing, how can I expect my people to be enthused? Effective leaders are caring, engaging and interesting. The best have vibrant, dynamic interactions with others that include differences, strong beliefs, convictions, and spirit that drive and inspire positive outcomes. They are effective, enthusiastic energizers. #GoodShepherdGreatLeader #Passion

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