Problem-Solving Benefits

There is a New Sheriff in Town

A new paradigm in root cause analysis combines the Creativity of EQ to the Analysis of IQ for better problem solving results. What are the benefits of this new problem solving process?

Creative Root Cause Analysis (CRCA) adds value to problem solving.

Introduces a New Paradigm:

The imagery and metaphor of the CRCA logo presents a wholly new approach to problem-solving patterns. The drawing of a clump of crabgrass represents a systemic problem. A team is working together to solve the problem. CRCA brings added value to problem solving.

A Team Process Tool:

The CRCA process is designed to create, facilitate, and utilize a team dynamic. This dynamic moves problem solving to a deeper level.

Facilitates Synergy:

CRCA exposes the knowledge, insight, expertise, opinion and intuition of each team member in order to develop a greater insight into the problem.

User Friendly:

This tool is not cumbersome, complex, or intimidating like most statistically driven problem-solving methods. It is easy to understand and remember. CRCA is driven by probing questions that do not intimidate people, but rather affirm them as valuable resources to the team.

Positive Appeal:

CRCA focuses on the desired outcome. As a result, the process is guided by what is expected (a positive result) rather than what is unacceptable, namely the problem.

Leads to New Discovery/Innovation:

The CRCA process is based on two assumptions: 1) Insight/intuition – each person has knowledge, intuition, expertise and ability – essential information necessary to understanding and solving the problem; and, 2) Team Synergy – teams working together in a rational, collaborative manner can produce better results than the same people working independently.

Results Oriented:

CRCA doesn’t stop short. It not only identifies the root causes, but also prompts the team to find the best resolution and define the tactical steps necessary to implement the solution.

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