Dr. Jack Oxenrider has logged over 50,000 hours of varied team experiences during his 30-plus years in the field of participative leadership. In the process he has produced multiple printed materials and computer-based interactive products to assist leaders and organizations in developing team synergy.

At the heart of his work is the Advanced Team System, published in three volumes, the most thorough and complete guides to teamwork ever compiled. In addition, Dr. Oxenrider has published more than a dozen other team training guides.

The core subjects covered in Dr. Oxenrider’s team building materials include:

  • Team Building
  • Problem Solving
  • Strategic Planning
  • Decision Making
  • Simulations
  • Feedback
  • Action Planning

In addition, many of the modules are available as interactive products, as well as in a traditional printed format. The computer icon indicates an interactive product.

Advanced Team System Volumes I-III

Volumes I-III below are available as units that include a Master Facilitator Guide and supplementary materials covering all of the modules within the unit. Once you purchase the complete unit, you may purchase workbooks for individual modules within that unit.

Volume I – Driving Team Performance©: The Winning Team Process

Volume I covers foundational information about working as a team, and is made up of the four modules shown below.

  • Driving Team Performance©
    Driving Team Performance (DTP) promotes team synergy in a high performance, results-oriented work setting. It is a user-friendly process that is highly effective in teaching teams a method they can remember, teach others, and use in every team context.
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  • Unifying Team Purpose©
    Unifying Team Purpose (UTP) has been designed to facilitate the process of consensus goal setting. Through UTP training, teams learn how to establish a unified purpose and can then use the process on a day-to-day basis to determine specific purpose within their organization.
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  • Discovering Team Operandi©
    Team operandi is the term used to describe a team’s contract to work together successfully. When teams mutually agree upon the rules for working together they make significant steps toward accomplishing synergistic results.
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Volume II – Creative Root Cause Analysis©: Team Problem Solving

Volume II provides further training in team problem solving and consists of the single module Creative Root Cause Analysis.

  • Creative Root Cause Analysis (CRCA) brings a new paradigm to problem solving. Designed specifically for teams to identify, analyze and creatively solve complex problems, CRCA is a dynamic, six-step process that combines both the analytical (IQ) and the intuitive/creative (EQ) in a unique way to produce a highly powerful and effective process.
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Volume III – Planning Team Strategy©: The Strategic Planning Process

Volume III provides further training in team planning and consists of the single module Planning Team Strategy.

  • Planning Team Strategy© – The Strategic Planning Process
    Planning Team Strategy (PTS) is a logical, innovative, and easy-to-learn approach to team strategic planning. The process includes three phases: (1) the Strategic Plan (2) the Tactical Plan and (3) the Operational Plan. Sequential steps guide the team through each phase.
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More Team Training Materials

Underwater Adventure©A Team Problem-Solving Exercise
Underwater Adventure simulates a setting where individuals and teams make time-pressured decisions with limited information. Observe how risk aversion, information deprivation and pressure impact your team. Expose areas where teams can improve performance. Underwater Adventure is only available as a set that includes the associated Master Facilitator Guide and supplementary materials.
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Ten Steps for Targeting Personal/Professional Growth©
This tool is the product of Jack Oxenrider’s extensive involvement in personal- professional development, along with observation, experience, and research. The process has been tested and refined in response to key leaders from a variety of companies, professions, and tenure of experience. It parallels strategic and tactical planning, and the concepts of both processes have been applied to individual, personal-professional development.
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