Planning Team Strategy

The Strategic Planning Process

What Is Planning Team Strategy?

Planning Team Strategy is a logical, orderly, innovative, easy-to-learn and use approach to strategic planning in an organization, department or team. The process includes three phases: 1. The Strategic Plan 2. The Tactical Plan 3. The Operational Plan Sequential steps guide the team through each phase. Included is a Planning Communication Cycle that facilitates optimum involvement of the team and builds collaborative consensus. Planning Team Strategy facilitates eight steps of effective planning: Steps 1-3 lead a team in strategic planning which determines the desired results and Steps 4-8 build the tactical plan that describes how the strategic plan will be realized. These eight steps are planned in reverse order from the future in order to “begin with the end in mind.” Implementation of the plan is “back to the future.” The operational plan designs the practical details of accomplishing the tactical plan.

How Does It Work?

The colorful, planning Participant Workbook includes an 11″ X 23″ planning arrow that visualizes any strategic plan. Utilizing team communication and synergistic decision-making, teams set their strategic, tactical and operational plans. All members of the planning team are involved in the final product using a special collaborative method. The Master Facilitator Guide teaches strategic planning while facilitating the process. Upon completion, the colorful planning arrow can be displayed for visual impact or carried in a personal planning notebook. Completion Time: 4 to 7 hours

How Planning Team Strategy Fits into the Advanced Team System

The Planning Team Strategy program comprises Volume III of the Advanced Team System, a comprehensive guide to teamwork that is made up of three volumes. In order to experience the full benefit of the program, you will need to purchase Volume III Master Facilitator Guide, Planning Team Strategy. The Master Facilitator Guide includes the materials you will need to successfully lead a team-planning workshop and guide a team through a successful meeting. Additional workbooks are available for you to purchase for each member of your team.

Planning Team Strategy

Vol III Facilitator’s Guide

This PDF is Vol. III of a three volume comprehensive team system for Team Process (Vol. I); Problem Solving (Vol. II); and *Strategic Planning (Vol. III)*. It contains the information and coaching to successfully lead a PTS team training session. When accompanied by the Participant’s Workbook, the facilitator possesses a professional training workshop. Purchase and download is agreement to terms of CCT product license.

Price: $24.95

Planning Team Strategy

12 Participant Workbooks

Each Workbook is an 8-page, full color exercise with scenario and detailed instructions for a highly professional presentation. Workbooks sold in sets of 12 for team training. Contact us for discounts on 100 or more. Price includes S&H.

Price: $69.95