Underwater Adventure

A Team Problem-Solving Exercise


What Is Underwater Adventure?

Underwater Adventure (UA) is a team problem-solving exercise that has been designed to facilitate team participation. It simulates a setting where individuals and teams make time-pressured decisions with limited information. Observe how risk aversion, information deprivation and pressure impact your team. Expose areas where teams can improve performance.

The Underwater Adventure Facilitator Guide and Participant Workbook are functional tools that will:

  • Facilitate synergy
  • Lead teams to effective solutions
  • Expose risk aversion reactions
  • Enhance team communication
  • Facilitate team building
  • Introduce the Advanced Team System (link to that section of Products Summary page?)

Underwater Adventure is a highly effective tool for the team’s “tool kit” that you should use often. You must purchase the Underwater Adventure Master Facilitator Guide before purchasing the participant workbooks.

How Does It Work?

Underwater Adventure presents a “Caribbean vacation” scenario during which you take a two-hour resort SCUBA course learning basic equipment and uses. While on a dive, you and your buddy are separated from the dive master and group when your buddy gets into a life-threatening situation. A safe rescue depends upon you. To survive, you must take five sequential actions out of sixteen possible choices. Individual choices are contrasted with Team choices.
Completion Time: 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours

Underwater Adventure

PowerPoint Presentation

This PowerPoint is a professional, full-color presentation that includes UA copyright and trademark materials and graphics in an easy-to-use format. Purchase and download is agreement to terms of CCT product license.

Price: $19.95

Underwater Adventure

12 Participant Workbooks

This is a four-page, full color exercise with scenario and detailed instructions for a highly professional presentation. Workbooks sold in sets of 12 for team training. Contact us for discounts on 100 or more. Price includes S&H.

Price: $69.95

Underwater Adventure

Print Your own Workbooks

This is a print-ready download that allows facilitators to print their own materials on demand and is a highly effective tool for the team’s tool kit. For maximum effectiveness, you will need new workbooks each time you use the exercise. License to print your own for training use. Not for Resale.

Price: $69.95

Underwater Adventure

eFacilitator’s Guide

This Guide contains the information and coaching necessary to successfully lead the UA team problem solving exercise. When accompanied by the Participant’s Workbook and PowerPoint presentation, the facilitator possesses a “turn key” professional training workshop. This digital eFacilitator’s Guide is only available through Amazon Direct for Kindle or devices with a Kindle App.

Price: $9.95