Unifying Team Purpose

The Team Targeting Process


What Is Unifying Team Purpose?

Unifying Team Purpose (UTP) workbook is a team-purpose targeting tool that has been designed to facilitate the process of consensus goal setting. The material walks participants through each step of the process, providing room for each team member to write down his or her own ideas, as well as the team’s conclusions. The workbook is a functional tool that will:

  • Facilitate a consensus of synergy regarding purpose
  • Lead the team to an effective identification of purpose
  • Serve as a document to record team purpose

By using the UTP participant workbook, teams learn how to establish a unified purpose. Once teams are trained in UTP, the process can be used on a day-to-day basis to help teams determine specific purpose within the organization.

How Unifying Team Purpose Fits into the Advanced Team System

The Unifying Team Purpose Facilitator’s Guide is available as ebook for Kindle from Amazon for $4.95. It is also a module part of Volume I of the Advanced Team System, a comprehensive guide to teamwork that is made up of three volumes. In order to experience the full benefit of the program, you will need to purchase a Facilitator’s Guide as either an ebook or  the Volume I Master Facilitator Guide, Driving Team Performance. The Master Facilitator Guide includes everything you will need to successfully lead a Unifying Team Purpose workshop and guide a team through the process of consensus goal setting.

Unifying Team Purpose

PowerPoint Presentation

This is a professional, full-color presentation that includes UTP copyright and trademark materials and graphics in an easy-to-use format. Purchase and download is agreement to terms of CCT product license.

Price: $19.95

Unifying Team Purpose

12 Participant Workbooks

The UTP Participant Workbook is a highly effective tool for the team’s tool kit. For maximum effectiveness, you will need new workbooks each time a team targets its purpose. Workbooks sold in sets of 12 for team training. Contact us for discounts on 100 or more. Price includes S&H.

Price: $24.95

Unifying Team Purpose

Print Your own Workbooks

Print your own UTP Participant Workbook is a print-ready download that allows facilitators to print their own materials on demand. For maximum effectiveness, you will need new workbooks each time a team targets its purpose. License to print your own for training use. Not For Resale.

Price: $24.95

Unifying Team Purpose

eFacilitator’s Guide

This Guide contains the information and coaching necessary to successfully lead a UTP team training session. When accompanied by the Participant’s Workbook and PowerPoint presentation, the facilitator possesses a “turn key” professional training workshop. This digital eFacilitator’s Guide is only available through Amazon Direct for Kindle or devices with a Kindle App.

Price: $4.95