The Path of Integrity

The Path of Integrity

Even Jesus’ enemies recognized Him as a man of integrity (Matthew 22:16). What was it about Jesus that established this reputation even among those who opposed Him?

Life’s Journey Leaves a Telling-Tale

Living in the Northern Hemisphere, I see the very same celestial heavens as David when he tended his flocks on the hillsides in Judah. Yet, in the early morning sky, I see something David never saw: vapor trails of dozens of airplanes making their early morning flights across the northern Indiana sky to Chicago, New York, Detroit, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and places beyond. I can make a fairly accurate guess as to where these flights originated and their destinations by their vapor trails. Air travels, like most journeys in life, leave trails – be it radar signals, vapor trails, or animal paths in remote terrains. Life’s journey leaves trails that remain records of where one has been or is going and the turns made along the way.

Choose Your Path Wisely

It is easy to image the Shepherd David reclining against a rock in the very early morning, watching over his flock and surveying the starry heavens.  As he approximated his location, the closest pasture, nearest water source, and laid out the logistics of the coming day to feed and water his sheep he needed to select the path he would follow.

As the first glimmer of dawn illuminated the Judean hillside, David could see hundreds of paths crisscross like a complex maze. From experience, he knew that some paths led to dead ends, to predators’ caves and over cliffs, while others meandered aimlessly. He knew that though there were many, well-traveled paths that led to no good end, he also knew that a few paths led to good pasture, water and safety, i.e., the right path.

Choose the Path of Integrity

What was it about Jesus that established this reputation even among those who opposed Him? He walked the path of Integrity.

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