Leading Means Taking the Lead

Lead with Purpose

The Good Shepherd leads the flock with purpose. There are times when the shepherd’s guidance requires taking the flock through very difficult and dangerous places. Just as a Good Shepherd needs to know his terrain and anticipate outcomes with wisdom and judgment, the leader must possess a clear understanding of organization, procedures and purpose.

Lead with a Goal

A leader must have a clear sense of direction, understand what needs to happen, and be willing to take the risk of moving in the right direction. Leadership requires the ability to deal with and work in cooperation with the team, point in the direction of the goal, saying, “Let’s go this way.” Leaders articulate the course of action by clearly stating the mission, purpose and goal. They facilitate the team and resources to move in a positive direction.

To Lead is All Consuming

The work of leading is all consuming. The good leader is alert and focused on the task. He is adroit, clever, and resourceful, always seeking the best opportunity for the team. The great leader leads with optimistic hope.

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