What does it take to Lead Well?

To Lead Well Takes Balance

To lead well, a Great Leader finds a balance between the boldness and power of leadership, and the humility of service. That balance is found in the personal character of the shepherd.

Great Leaders balance boldness & humility.

At his core, the shepherd/leader described in Psalm 23, is both tough and tender possessing strength and prowess of body, mind and spirit to meet the physical demands of the work, reliable judgment and tenacity of spirit, with the compassion of service.

Great Leaders are both tough & tender
Great Leaders have prowess of body, mind and spirit to meet demands of work
Great Leaders have a compassion for service
Great Leaders are both tough & tender.
Great Leaders have prowess of body, mind and spirit to meet demands of .work
Great Leaders have a compassion for service.

To Lead Well Reveals Goodness

The demanding work of leading exposes the qualities of goodness. It is that certain and reliable quality of the shepherd that the flock/team trusts and follows.

A Great Leaders goodness is revealed by demanding pressure

By definition, leading requires a leader to go ahead, to set direction and to call the team to follow.

Great Leaders go ahead setting direction

A Great Leader dare not be timid in the face of fear-producing situations. He must be willing to take a risk.

To Lead Well Takes Courage

At his core, a Great Leader must possess a sense of certainty, the belief that he can manage any challenge, face any foe and prevail under any circumstance.

Great Leaders are confident under pressure

Great Leaders are  intrepid, self-reliant and courageous, secure in the ability to lead and he cares and manages his team well.

Great Leaders courageous & caring

To Lead Well Demands Purpose

To lead well a Great Leader leads with purpose.

Great Leaders have purpose

There are times when the leader must provide guidance and direction to take the team through difficult times and challenges.

Great Leaders are not intimidated

To lead well, a Great Leader must have a clear sense of direction, understand what needs to happen and be willing to take the risk of moving in the right direction. He must be able to articulate the mission, purpose and course of action. He must be alert and focused on the task while being clever and resourceful making the most of every opportunity.

Great Leaders are mission focused
Great Leaders are task focused
Great Leaders are resourceful
Great Leaders seek opportunity

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