What is Creative Root Cause Analysis? Part I

Creative Root Cause Analysis is a user-friendly, highly effective root cause problem solving tool.

Discover Creative Root Cause Analysis 

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Creative Root Cause Analysis (CRCA) is:

1. A team problem-solving process.
2. A practical tool and method for teaching and/or conducting problem solving within teams.
3. A systematic, three-phase, six-step process designed to solve complex problems.
4. A user-friendly process designed to facilitate team synergy.
5. For those organizations who promote teamwork.
6. For those who strive for innovative, creative and effective solutions.
7. Supported by a comprehensive Facilitator’s Guide available in pdf download.
8. Supported by Powerpoint or overhead presentation masters.

Creative Root Cause Analysis Promotes Synergy

Until now, there has been no team problem-solving tool that could facilitate team synergy and, at the same time, effectively solve complex problems. The CRCA process is that tool. It is a user-friendly process that is highly effective in solving difficult and multi-faceted problems. Additionally, it is a process tool that facilitates and promotes team synergy.

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Down load the Creative Root Cause Analysis Facilitator’s Guide and Powerpoint @ https://jackoxenrider.com/products/creative-root-cause-analysis/