What Was I Thinking: “Neg-Active” Thinking

While inactive people are frustrating, negative people are exhausting.

As leaders, we work hard to inspire and motivate our staff and move the team forward. Yet with a sigh or a smirk (let alone a disparaging comment) a negative person can cripple our best efforts. Negative people are so frustrating that an entire business has developed around countering the negative person.

Companies spend many dollars annually to line their halls and meeting rooms with inspirational  posters; all focused to counter negativity. You can tell what the naysayers are saying by the countering themes of the posters on display. However, the positive poster tactic is focused on the the surface problem of negative behavior and fails to address the root causes of negative thinking. The irony here is companies like “Despair” make millions off of negative posters that counter positive posters with a cynical twist. The result? The naysayers win.

The problem is not the negative behavior. The problem is negative thinking and negative choices.

How do neg-active people think? Here are some examples:

No, Not, Never: Do not waste your time. It will never work!
Expect Negative/Exclude Positive: A good outcome is a fluke.
Gloom and Doom: The Sky is Falling.
Apprehensive: Everything that can go wrong will go wrong.
Condemning: That’s dumb!
Troubled: Not worth the risk.
Ill-fated: It is bound to fail.
Vindictive: I hope it fails.
Entrenched: Why change?

People who think in negative terms will make negative choices that result in negative expressions. If we want to change outcomes, we must challenge the person to change his/her thinking. #ThinkWell

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